RyDyrect is a very small app that allows you to host a site on your local machine, while allowing others to access using a single URL. When you first log in using your Google Account, the URL for you is created as http://rydyrect.appspot.com/people/your.google.nick/

Now, by default, your IP is made offline, that is, RyDyrect won't redirect to it, UNLESS you sign in and go online by toggling your status. You may then log out, while others will be able to redirect to your IP just by going to http://rydyrect.appspot.com/people/your.google.nick/

You may also want to update your IP after logging in if things don't work. I you have problems even after that, most likely you're sitting behind multiple proxies(A single proxy is okay), OR, a router to which you haven't forwarded port 80.